Sunday, February 29, 2004

Boycott Continental Airlines

I just don't believe an airline who cancels confirmed, paid, reservations with seat assignments should stay in business. I recently got bumped to 9th standby on a Continental flight, even though I showed proof that I had a paid ticket (which was thousands of dollars), and had a seat assignment.

Boycott Continental Airlines!

There's more to the story. I changed flights to another nearby city, which cost me a hundred dollars in transportation back to my original airport. However, Continental gave away my seat on that flight too. I had to resort to begging for a seat, and I got a center, even though there were aisles left over. By the time I got on board, I wasn't allowed to move from my center seat.

I'm back, and there's no stopping me now. When I get mad at someone, I do it right, don't I?

Boycott Continental Airlines!


Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Moon Over Parma, Yet Again

From what I've heard, Cleveland rocks. One of these days, I'll figure out what the big deal is about this. Yes, I'm back in Cleveland again. I've got to stop coming here in the winter. Anyway, I almost never see anyone I know at the airport, but this time, I unexpectedly met up with one of our VP's from North Carolina, so we rode over to the hotel together in my rental car. It's a good thing she was here, because I would have gotten lost trying to find our new office in Cleveland. I almost never visit our corporate offices these days, so finding them is a challenge. Anyhow, Delta redeemed itself today. I was really late for the flight out of LAX, and, in addition, I had a 20-minute connection in Atlanta. My luggage actually made it with me. Kudos to Delta on this one. I don't know how they were able to pull this one off. By the way, Boycott Continental Airlines. They suck. Yes, my holy war with Continental continues. Later.

Monday, February 16, 2004

Louisiana Cavity Search

I'm at war with Continental Airlines, if you can call them an airline. You see, I was traveling back from Lafeyette, LA, and I had assigned seats. Continental said that it didn't matter because I was bumped to standby status, and I'd probably get stuck in Houston anyway. Then they asked for my ticket back, and gave me a "SSSS" ticket so I could get my cavity search. This was the opening shot which started my war with Continental. After that, I got rerouted to Orange County, while my car was at LAX. Also, they gave away my confirmed window seat on the Orange County flight, because they felt like it, so I had to beg for a center. So, I had to pay for a ride to LAX. Unfortunately, I had no cash on me, so the increased challenge was there. Continental was also no help at this point either, and they really didn't care, since I have no status on them. This was a Delta codeshare, and I'm Platinum on Delta. Therefore, it reflects bad on them, too. I called to register my complaints about this, but the holy war with Continental has begun. I ask you all to join my struggle against Continental Airlines. Boycott Continental Airlines. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. Later.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

And The Beat Goes On

Greetings once again, my faithful readers -- all two of you. Today, I'm reporting from Denver, where I'm delayed once again on another Saturday morning. This has been an interesting week, as I wasn't expecting much more than a round trip from LAX to Denver. Unfortunately, my life is never that easy. I started on a red-eye on Tuesday to get my weary butt to New York, where the rental cars are a real pain to get to. I froze my butt off once again. After reattaching my butt and finishing my work, I caught a delayed flight into Dallas, which barely connected me into Denver. This time, I used one of those shuttle cart thingys (that's the technical term). Anyhow, I waiting in the Denver airport for two hours to get my luggage, and then got my rental car, and proceeded to get lost in the wilds of Wyoming. Yes, I know Denver is in Colorado. I kind of thought it was a bit too far of a drive to Boulder. After finishing up there, I had dinner with friends, and now, here I am reporting back to you about my week. That's all for now from the exciting misdaventures of me. Hopefully, I'll make it home in time to take off tomorrow, once again. Later.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Trapped In Chicago

I had a choice -- be trapped in Dallas without luggage, or be trapped in Chicago with luggage. Since I still experience the common psychosis of luggage separation anxiety, I opted with the latter. I spent the night at the Hilton by O'Hare airport, and got a good night's sleep, for the first time in quite a while. I'm not going to make it to my regular Saturday routine, so it's a good thing that I'm taking Monday off. Anyhow, hopefully I'll get home today at some point. I've got a whole lot of laundry to do. I just learned that I'm back in Cleveland later this month. By now, I'm sure you all know my feelings about Cleveland in February. Anyhow, I've got to check out, and get to my newly delayed flight. Onward to the ticket counter. Later.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Twisted Traditions

I'm back in St. Louis, once again. My long-time readers already know this, but I started my rantings on this website because I had some travel issues on the way back from a trip to St. Louis two years ago. I got searched in baggage claim --BAGGAGE CLAIM, I tell you! Anyhow, that's was only the beginning. Last year around this time, I also returned to St. Louis in order to get diverted to Cleveland for the previously mentioned Falling Down incident. So, I guess my return into St. Louis (and Cleveland) is now becoming an annual tradition. It's a bit twisted, but it's still a tradition. Later.

Monday, February 02, 2004

Another Moon Over Parma

I'm back in Cleveland, back at the same Courtyard where my Falling Down incident happened around the same time last year. Spooky -- It's Groundhog Day all over again. . . Getting here was half the fun, once again. I booked a room in Middleburg Heights, but I wound up back in North Olmstead, right where I was about a year ago. As I recall, I was heading to a meeting with people from Youngstown during that visit, too. After I stopped in Middleburg Heights, they told me that I was booked in North Olmstead, which is pretty annoying, since it's in the wrong direction. It's pretty sad when you live in Los Angeles, and can make the distinction of traffic patterns in Cleveland. There's slush or whatever you call that icy, gooky stuff that I had to wade through once at each hotel. It's been raining here, so I got soaked through the five layers of clothes that I was wearing. I'm beat to the socks, but I heard somewhere that Cleveland Rocks! I'm beginning to feel like Robert Wagner. Later.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Prelude To A Trip

It's another Sunday night before I fly out once again. This is going to be yet another flight of insanity, which will take me into Dallas, Cleveland, Chicago, St. Louis, back to Dallas, onward to Houston, back to Dallas again, then onward to Chicago, and back to Dallas before returning home. You see, in order to take a trip into the fiery depths of hell, you have to connect in either Dallas or Chicago, even if hell has frozen over. Sometimes, it will take a double connection with Atlanta or St. Louis thrown into the mix. It's true -- hell froze over last week, and it hasn't thawed out yet. I'm on my way to Cleveland, and I think the following movie moment expresses exactly how I feel:

Movie moment:
Delirious (1990)

John Candy: "What're you doing here? I sent you to Cleveland."
Robert Wagner: "I ought to kill you for just that."