Saturday, March 13, 2004

United We Fall

I was on United and Southwest all week, which forced me to be at the airports a few hours early just to make it in time for my planes. Sometimes that isn't a bad thing, though. I went in to the office to get my computer fixed, and then flew back home after getting yelled at in the office. Some extra time in the airport gives you a chance to think and reflect. I guess it was just fate that delayed me in Chicago once again. I stopped by a snack bar that several of my colleagues gathered in October, 2001, when we were on a four-city tour. I hadn't been back there in the intervening years, since I don't usually fly on United. Even though it was one of those crazy, unorthodox trips with flight delays and excessive searches, I do remember that we still enjoyed each other's company, and we accomplished what was necessary for our journey. Those days are now gone, and even though I'm still delivering the same levels of service to everyone, I know my heart isn't in this any more, and I'm sensing that many spirits have been crushed. I'm putting together some work and other notes for my colleagues just in case I get laid off soon, since that seems to be the way the wind is blowing lately. I may be bitter, but I'm not bitter enough to forget that my friends and colleagues still count on me for many things. I'm not going to let them down either.

You know, the only thing bad about this United experience was the fact that I had excessively long lines in some airports, and I had to arrive way too early in order to make the flight. Not having any kind of status with an airline really stinks. It does make a difference. No kidding. Boycott Continental!