Sunday, February 16, 2014


As strange as it may seem, I have been on the ground for a couple of months.  I am still employed with even more work and reason to travel than ever.  It seems that working at my desk has been a quite appealing prospect for the last several weeks, and it gets harder and harder to want to get back in the saddle again.

In a strange turn of events, I was the only one who didn't have to travel for a company meeting earlier this month.  Thanks to the polar vortex this winter, most people were quite happy to have a meeting in Southern California.  Due to inclement weather, a lot of people had some interesting travel stories.  Sadly, I think I've experienced almost all of those stories sometime in my career.

I'm not sure what the future might bring, but I do believe that I'm not quite finished yet.  For now, I'll enjoy being on the ground with a lot of paperwork.  Happy travels to all!