Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Return

I have returned from my break from the world of travel. I was somewhat surprised about what you leave behind when you stop traveling. It's not about the miles, points, or anything like that. It's all about that special sixth sense that you start to lose when you are no longer out in the field regularly. When getting back on the road this month amongst the holiday travelers, I made a few rookie mistakes. First, never travel during the holiday season. If I had actually read my blog for the last six years or so, I would have remembered that. Next, if you are traveling, always anticipate delays. I'm still good at adjusting to just about any situation out there, but it did take some extra effort this time.

So begins the return from the ashes of retirement. I recall a while ago that one of the airline magazines highlighted strange business titles. One of the titles was called "Keeper of the Magic." I kind of like that one, especially for all of us who make a living somewhere out there. We're the ones that keep the wheels of business turning, and it's got to be some kind of magic that keeps us moving forward every day. Ok, so I admit it. Yes, I missed it a little...