Saturday, August 27, 2016

Vacation Time

I became a temporary father to two teenagers for a year.  In order to start things off, I decided to take the boys on a quick vacation in Los Angeles.  Of course, we had to see the Hollywood Sign.  For some reason, that was one of the "must do" things on the list of most people from outside California.  The sign is deemed a cultural and iconic landmark by some, but it was initially designed as a marketing gimmick to sell real estate about 100 years ago.  My new sons were impressed by the sign, but thought it was still a bit smaller in person.  I guess that can be said about a lot of things in Hollywood...


Wednesday, August 03, 2016

North Carolina Revisited

After all this time, I'm back at it again.  The adventure continues as the lady sitting next to me on the plane must have been in a rush because she decided to walk over me instead of waiting for me to get up. She tripped and used my throat for leverage while attempting to keep from falling, not that I needed to breathe or anything.

Upon the return trip, the pilot needed to dive fast because we were experiencing "pressurization" problems.  This was probably not the best way to temporarily return to the world of the road warrior.  However, it was nice to get back in to the field for one last trip before I transform into a single soccer dad in a couple of weeks.